CD Silent Circle - The Maxi-Singles Collection


Touch In The Night (Crash Version)



Time For Love (Super-Action-Mix)



Danger, Danger (Racing Mix)



Forget The Stranger (Simple Mix)



Give Me Time



Hideaway-Man Is Comin'! (Special Mix)



I Am Your Believer (Club Mix)



Is It Love



Love Is Just A Word (Reggae Version)



Stop The Rain (Extended Version)



What A Shame (Masterbeat Mix)



Lost In Your Light ... (Instrumental)



Highway Driver (Instrumental)



D.J. Special Mix Vol. 1



D.J. Special Mix Vol. 2



1 Call Me (Andrea T. Mendoza & Tibet Original Radio Mix)  03:40
2 In The Morning (Original Mix)  03:50
3 I Give Myself To You (Remix)  05:08
4 Gringo (Andrea T. Mendoza & Tibet 2010 Remix)  03:36
5 Call Me (Andrea T. Mendoza & Tibet Original Mix)  03:39
6 Call Me (Andrea T. Mendoza & Tibet Original Mix)  03:39
7 Call Me (Andrea T. Mendoza & Tibet Yes Club Mix)  07:12
8 Call Me (Starlet DJ's Club Mix)  07:03
9 Call Me (Sleazesisters Club Mix)  08:00
10 Call Me (Williamsburg Trash Bar Mix)  05:24

CD Limahl & Kajagoogoo 12inch Collection

01 Never Ending Story (Falcon Mix)
02 Neverending Story (Extended version)
03 Neverending Story (US 12'' Dub Mix)
04 Never Ending Story (Original Club Mix)
05 Never Ending Story (12inch)
06 Inside To Outside (the happening mix)
07 Only for Love (12inch Mix)
08 - Love In Your Eyes (Extended)
09 Tar Beach (The City Blues Mix)
10 Maybe this time (12 Inch)
11 Too Shy (12inch american mix)
12 Ooh to be Ah (The Construction mix)
13 Big Apple (Metro Mix)
14 Hang on now (Extended version)
15 Turn your back on
16 Histoire sans Fin


CD EXPOSÉ Dance Mixes 2005

01. Point Of No Return (Original Version)
02. Let Me Be The One (12'' Version)

03. What You Don't Know (Bass Mix)
04. Come Go With Me (Remix 12'' Version)
05. Stop, Listen, Look & Think (House Mix)
06. I Specialize In Love (Remix)
07. Tell Me Why (12'' Remix)
08. I Wish The Phone Would Ring (Extended Version)
09. When I Looked At Him ''Suave Mix'' (Acoustic Version)
10. Seasons Change (12'' Version)

2 CDs MADONNA ACROSS THE SKY (The B-Sides & Unreleased Tracks Vol. 1)


CD 1

01. It's So Cool (iTunes Bonus)
02. Across The Sky (Unreleased Track)
03. Beat Goes On (Original Demo Version)
04. Ring My Bell (iTunes Bonus)
05. Super Pop (Icon Bonus)
06. Get Together (Bloodshy & Avant Demo)
07. Triggering (Your Senses) (Unreleased Track)
08. History (Land Of The Free) (2005 Demo Version)
09. Keep The Trance (Unreleased Track)
10. Fighting Spirit (Album Version)
11. Hey You (Album Version)
12. Imagine (Unreleased Track)
13. Is This Love (Bond D'Accord) (Unreleased Track)
14. Beat Goes On (Early Demo Version)
15. History (B-Side)
16. Keep The Trance (Final Mix)
17. The Game (Unreleased Track)
18. I Love New York (Demo Version)
19. Liquid Love (Unreleased Track)
20. Like An Angel Passing Through My Room (Unreleased Track)

CD 2
01. Wonderland (William Orbit Demo)
02. Revenge (Unreleased Track)
03. Gone Gone Gone (Unreleased Track)
04. Like A Flower (Unreleased Track)
05. No Substitute For Love (Demo Version)
06. Be Careful (Ciudado Con Mi Corazón) (Album Version)
07. Time Stood Still (Album Version)
08. Liquid Love (Re-Worked Version)
09. Me Against The Music (Video Mix)
10. Into The Hollywood Groove (The Passengerz Mix)
11. Like An Angel Passing Through My Room (Instrumental)
12. You'll See (Verás-Spanish Version)
13. Don't Cry For Me Argentina (Miami Spanglish Mix Edit)
14. Lo Que Siente La Mujer (What It Feels Like For A Girl-Spanish Version)
15. Cyber-Raga (B-Side)
16. Has To Be (B-Side)
17. I Can't Forget (Unreleased Track)
18. Sing (Album Version)

CD Dead Or Alive PWL 12 Mastermix Collection Vol.1 (Incl. PWL stock aitken waterman)

01 Hooked On Love (PWL 12 Inch Remix)

02 You Spin Me Round   (PWL 12 Inch Remix)
03 In Too Deep (PWL 12 Inch Remix)
04 Lover Come Back To Me (PWL 12 Inch Remix)
05 My Heart Goes Bang Bang (PWL 12 Inch Remix)
06 Brand New Lover (PWL 12 Inch Remix)
07 Something In My House (PWL 12 Inch Remix)
08 I'll Save You All My Kisses (PWL 12 Inch Remix)
09 Dead Or Alive PWL Megamix

CD Dead Or Alive PWL 12 Mastermix Collection Vol.2 (Incl. PWL stock aitken waterman)

1. International Thing (Mastermix Remix)
2. Stop Kicking My Heart Around
3. Hooked On Love (Re Edited Mix)
4. You Spin Me Round (PWL Re Edited Mix)
5. Baby Don't Say Goodbye (Re Extended Mix)
6. Turn Around And Count To Ten (Re Extended Mix)
7. In Too Deep (12" Remix Version Rare)
8. Gone Too (Long Remix)
9. Unhappy Birthday (12" Remix)

CD RICK ASTLEY 12 inch Collection (Incl. PWL stock aitken waterman)

01-Together Forever (House Of Love Mix)
02-My Arms Keep Missing You (The No L Mix)
03-Take Me To Your Heart (Autumn Leaves Mix)
04-Never Gonna Give You Up (Cake Mix)
05-Whenever You Need Somebody (Rick Sets It Off Mix)
06-It Would Take A Strong, Strong Man (Matt's Jazzy Guitar Mix)
07-She Wants To Dance With Me (Bordering On A Collie Mix)
08-Giving Up On Love (12'' Pop Extended)
09-Never Knew Love (The 3 Day Mix)
10-Cry For Help (12'' Mix)
11-Hold Me In Your Arms (Extended)

CD SAMANTHA FOX 12 inch Collection (Incl. PWL stock aitken waterman)

1. I Wanna Have Some Fun (Extended Mix)

2. I Only Wanna Be With You (Extended Version)

3. Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now (Extended Version)

4. Love House (Black Pyramid Mix)

5. Touch Me (I Want Your Body) (Blue Mix)

6. I Surrender (To The Spirit Of The Night) (Extended Version)

7. Naughty Girls (Need Love Too) (Special Extended Version)

8. Hold On Tight (Extended Version)

9. Do Ya Do Ya (Wanna Please Me) (Extended Version)

10. True Devotion (New Mix)

11. Fox Hunt Mix

2 CDs SABRINA SALERNO 12 inch Collection (Incl. PWL stock aitken waterman)


CD 1
01- BOYS (Version 1)
02- BOYS (Version 2)
03- HOT GIRL (New version)
04- SEXY GIRL (Long version)
05- HOT GIRL (Pwl remix)
06- SEXY GIRL (Funky version)
07- ALL OF ME (BOY OH BOY) (Maxi Version)
08- MY CHICO (Extended version)
09- GRINGO (Extended version)
10- BOYS (Wally brill remix)
11- BOYS (Pwl remix)

CD 2
01- MY CHICO (Pwl remix)
02- MY SHARONA (Extended version)
03- SEX (Remix from Sabrina Super Remix CD)
04- ALL OF ME (BOY OH BOY) (Instrumental Version)
06- 17- BOYS (Dub version)
07- SEXY GIRL (Remix)
08- MY CHCO (Dub house mix)
09- HOT GIRL (Dub version)
10- DOCTOR'S ORDERS (House energy mix)
11- 22- GRINGO (Club mix)

CD K.B.Caps "Call me up" (Luis Rodriguez)

01. CALL ME UP (extended version)
02. CATCH ME NOW I'M FALLING (extended version)
03. DO YOU REALLY NEED ME (radio verion).ape
04. JULIA (maxi-mix)
05. DON'T YOU EVER RUN AWAY feat. SINERY (extended version)
06. DANCING IN THE DARK (extended version)
07. DON'T YOU KNOW feat. SINERY (radio version)
08. ANGEL OF THE DREAMLAND (radio version)
09. Wait Baby Wait
10. It's Hard To Say Goodbye.ape
11. DO YOU REALLY NEED ME - REMIX (extended version)
12. THE LOVING KIND (instrumental version)
13. CALL ME UP (house music version)


CD 1

01 London Boys - Requiem (Extended Version)
02 Bad boys blue - Never never (X-tended version)
03 Lian Ross - I Will Die For Love 1994
04 Cora - Perestroika 1988
05 Magdaleine - You Can Do
06 Silent Circle - Megamix 98
07 Francesco Napoli - Lady fantasy (Extended mix)
08 Bad boys blue - Hungry for love 99 (X-tended)
09 London Boys - Harlem Desire (Extended Mix)
10 Patty Ryan -  One Summer Night In Moscow (Feat. SIB)
11 Systems In Blue - Voodoo Queen (D.J. U.S. Stretch Mix 2005)
12 Systems In Blue - Voodoo Queen (KARAOKE VERSION)
13 Stephanie O´hara - Come back and stay (Radio Version)
14 Stephanie O´hara - Come back and stay (Weatherstorm ChiTrance Remix)

CD 2

01 Patty Ryan -  Should I Stay Or Should I Go (Feat. Systems in blue)
02 Silent Circle - One more night (Extended)
04 Two 4 good - Heisskalter Engel (Extended)
05 Mary Roos - Wir fahr'n Achterbahn
06 London Boys - I'm Gonna Give My Heart (Remix By.AngelDiscoDance)
07 Silent Circle - Moonlight Affaire 2000 (Italo long mix)
08 Patty Ryan - Love emotion
09 Patty Ryan - Down on my knees
10 Systems In Blue - Point of no return (MS Project Full injection remix)
11 Stephanie O´hara - Bright eyes (Belmond & Parker Tekhouse Mix)
12 Stephanie O´hara - Come back and stay (Dick´s Lick Kicking Mix)
13 Systems in blue- Dr. no (Maxi version)
14 Systems in blue- Dr. no (Instrumental version)


01 Jeannie Moviestar Single Version
02 Jeannie Moviestar Karaoke Version
03 Jeannie Moviestar Instrumental Version
04 I'll Be There For You Tonight (Extended Mix)
05 Love Is Stronger (Strong Club Mix)
06 Mark Ashley - Lover Why (Club Remix)
07 Never lie to me (Dicks Vegas RMX)
08 Run for cover (Weatherstorms sign of life remix)
09 I'll Be There For You Tonight (Weatherstorms Spread Club Mix)
10 Mark Ashley Megamix
11 On a sunday (Karaoke mix)
12 You are the one (Karaoke mix)
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