Sandra Cretu

01. Maybe Tonight (Extended version)
02. Maybe Tonight (Dub version)
03. Maybe Tonight (Instrumental version)
04. Maybe Tonight (Single version)
05. Maybe Tonight (So 80s Re-Edit)
06. Hiroshima (Extended version)
07. Hiroshima (Dub mix)
08. Everlasting Love (UK PWL Radio)
09. Everlasting Love (Extended PWL Dub Mix)
10. Hi, Hi, Hi (Extended Version)
11. The journey (Edit version short)
12. Andy mein freund
13. Ich bin noch ein kind
14. Japan is weit
15. Sekunden

Sandra - Steph´s Remixes

Triple cd de remixes.

CD 1
01. Heaven can wait (Steph's Extended)
02. (I'll never be) Maria Magdalena (Steph's Extended)
03. Stop for a minute (Steph's Extended Version)
04. We'll be together (Steph's Extended)
05. You'll be mine (Steph's Extended)
06. Lasting love (Steph's Reverse Extended)
07. Mea culpa (With Enigma) (Dj Band's Extended Version)
08. Hiroshima (Steph's Extended Mix)
09. Everlasting love (Steph's PWL Extended)
10. Secrets of love (With Dj Bobo) (Steph's Extended
Radio Version)

CD 2
01. Secret Land (Steph's Extended)
02. Innocent Love (Steph's Extended)
03. Lovelight In Your Eyes (Steph's Extended)
04. Midnight Man (Steph's Extended)
05. I Need Love (Steph's Extended)
06. Crazy Juliet (Steph's Extended)
07. In The Heat Of The Night (Steph's Extended)
08. Little Girl (Steph's Extended)
09. Hi! Hi! Hi! (Steph's Extended Version)
10. One More Night (Steph's Extended)

CD 3
01. (Life May Be) A Big Insanity (Steph's Extended)
02. Love Turns To Pain (Steph's Extended)
03. Mirror Of Love (Steph's Extended)
04. Nights In White Satin (Steph's Extended)
05. On The Tray (Steph's Extended)
06. Such A Shame (Steph's Extended)  
07. Two Lovers Tonight (Steph's Extended)
08. You & I (Steph's Extended)
09. The Way I Am (Steph's Extended)
10. Seal It Forever (Steph's Extended)

Sandra - Best Of The 80er Megamix (2004)

Incluye un super megamix de 54 minutos con grandes exitos de Sandra. Muy bueno.


01. Fading shades (Intro) 02. One more night 03. Loreen 04. Seal it forever 05. Hiroshima 05. The journey / I`m alive 06. Mirror in your eyes 07. Steday me 08. Your way to India 09. Johnny wanna live 10. I close my eyes 11. Free love 12. Don`t be agressive 13. Nights in White Satin 14. Japan ist weit 15. Two lovers tonight 16. (I`ll never be) Maria Magdalena 17. Don`t cry (the breakup of the world) 18. You and I 19. You`ll be mine 20. On the tray (seven years) 21.Innocent love 22. (Life may be) A big insanity 23. I need love 24. Such a shame  25. Secret land 26. We`ll be together 27. Around my heart 28. Heaven can wait 29. Hi! Hi! Hi! 30. Everlasting love 31. Little girl 32. Sisters and brothers 33. Mirror of love 34. Stop for a minute 35. In the heat of the night 36. Heartbeat 37. La vista de luna 38. The wheel of time 39. No taboo 40. Crazy Juliet 41. Forgive me 42. Silent running 43. Forever 44. Midnight man 45. You are so beautiful 46.Invisible shelter 47. Tell me more 48. Celebrate your life 49. Won`t run away 50. Andy mein Freund (Outro)


CD 1: 1.Stop for a minute.  2.Heaven can wait(Extended).  3.We´ll be together(Extended).  4.Life may be(A big insanity)(Club mix).  5.The skin I´m in.  6.One more night(Extended).  7.Don´t be agressive (The
midnight hour mix).  8.I need love(Trance techno mix).  9.Johnny wanna live(Extended).  10.Maria Magdalena 93(Club mix).  11.Nights in white satin(Club mix).  12.Won´t run away(Happy dancer mix).  13.Yes we can.

CD 2: 1.Life may be(A big insanity).  2.Johnny wanna live(single remix). 3.Maria Magdalena 93.  4.Nights in white satin(Techno mix).  5.Won´t run away(The sunshine mix).  6.Heaven can wait(Dub).  7.We´ll be together (Dub).  8.Life may be(A big insanity)(Dub mix).  9.Nights in white satin (Dub mix).  10.Nights in white satin(Jungle mix).  11.won´t run away (Extended guitar mix). 
12.We´ll be together(Remix 89).


1.Secret land(Reverse mix).
2.Secret land(Dub mix).
3.Into nobody´s land(instrumental).
4.Maria Magdalena 93(Vega Sicilia mix).
5.Everlasting love(Extended).
6.Around my heart(Extended).
7.Stop for a minute(Extended).

BONUSTRACKS: Arabesque (Sandra)

8.Time to say goodbye(Extended).
9.Time to say goodbye.
10.Stop crying for the moon.


1.Secret land(Ultra violet club mix).
2.Secret land(La danza club mix).
3.Secret land(Ultra violet radio edit).
4.Forever(Straight 4 U radio edit).
5.Forever(Beatnik club mix).
6.Forever(Straight 4 U remix).
7.Such a shame(Straight dance mix).
8.Such a shame(Cool club mix).
9.Such a shame(Karaoke version).
10.Forgive me now(Chill out radio edit)

11.The voice of Sandra(Medley).
12.Japan is weit.


01 Sandra - In the heat of the night 2007
02 Sandra - What Is It About Me (Lounge Edit)
03 Sandra - Les qu'est-ce que c'est
04 Sandra - Silencio a mi lado
05 Dj Bobo & Sandra - Secrets of Love (Club Mix)
06 Sandra - The Way I Am (Extended Club Edit)
07 Sandra - In The Heat Of The Night (Superfunk Remix)
08 Sandra - The Way I Am (Lounge Edit)
09 Sandra - In a heartbeat (NYC 38th street mix)
10 Sandra - Kiss my...(Exclusive track)
11 Dj Bobo & Sandra - Secrets of Love (Club Mix Radio Edit)
12 Dj Bobo & Sandra - Secrets of Love (Radio Version)
13 Dj Bobo & Sandra - Secrets of Love (Instrumental)


01 (I'll never be) Maria Magdalena (12'' extended)
02 In the heat of the night (12'' Club mix)
03 Little girl (Extended Remix)
04 Midnight man (12' extended version)
05 Innocent Love (Extended Remix)
06  Everlasting love (Extended version)
07 Heaven can wait (Us remix)
08 Hiroshima (Extended Club mix)
09 We'll Be Together ('89 Remix) (Extended Version)
10 Party Games (Maria Magdalena Instrumental)
11 Heatwave (In the heat of the night Instrumental)
12 Innocent Theme (Innocent love Instrumental)
13 Heaven Can Wait (Dub Mix)
14 We'll Be Together ('89 Remix) (Dub Version)


01 Around my heart (adp 2002 edit mix)
02 Everlasting Love (Extended PWL Remix)
03 Everlasting love (Hammond 12'' mix)
04 Hiroshima (Hot track remix)
05 We'll be together (Extended Remix)
06 Dont't be agressive (12'' agresive mix)
07 Forever (Disco version)
08 Such A Shame (Stan X-Extended Mix)
09 Motivation (Extended FL Mix)
10 Around My Drums (Around my heart Instrumental)
11 Nights In White Satin (Dub Version)
12 Secret land (Missing her voice long mix)



1.Life may be(A big insanity)(Remix 114 Eb).
2.We´ll be together(Remix 117 C).
3.Around my heart(Remix 118 F).
4.I need love(Remix 120 B).
5.In the heat of the night(Remix 125 E).
6.Maria Magdalena(Remix 130 B).
7.Heaven can wait(118 bpm razormaid version).
8.Don´t be agressive(Razormaid version).
9.Johnny wanna live(Remix 97 Db).
10.Everlasting love(Remix 119 Db).
11.Hiroshima(Razormaid remix).
12.Heaven can wait(125 bpm Razormaid remix).

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