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On June the 12th, members of the spanish Modern Talking Fan Club MODERN TALKING POINT had a meeting in Barcelona with Martha Mateo, the new production of Luis Rodriguez. We present Martha, his manager Alberto and 5 fans. The purpose of the meeting was to introduce us the girl and let us know some of the songs which are being prepared, the ones not have a title yet. Among them was a song, already confirmed as single, and tha is expected to be published soon. The version we heard was the final, with all the arrangements and how it will sound on the disc. The result is wonderful, everyone there loved it, to me personally, my hair stood on end. The sound is not 80s, because we are in 2012 and the girl wants to sell records, but it has retro-touches, we note that Luis Rodriguez is behind. We also heard 2 demos which are also already confirmed their recordings as singles, and also had the honor to choose 2 songs from another 6 that they have yet to decide. For Martha and her companion, our opinion was very important as fans. Our choice was divided by 2 dance songs, each one better, and a beautiful ballad. To tell you something about these songs, one was 100% CCCatch seemed an issue that had been recorded with Dieter Bohlen and and Luis Rodriguez actually, was amazing. There was also a demo with an incredibly base like "Cheri cheri lady". All friends were pleasantly surprised and excited to see these songs publishes on a CD that we can buy and hear it a thousand times.

      Martha is not new in the music world, told us the amount of work already done by: dub Manga series (vocals and lyrics), dubbing Hello Kitty, is the voice of a doll Winx, has released some singles in european countries where they have sounded a lot, made colaborations in several dance hits ... etc etc. In the facebook group, on Youtube, on his facebook and his Myspace, you can see some of these works. We also knew that she recorded the Dieter Bohlen song "This is my life" and its Spanish version, by Elli, and "My Heart Will Survive" by Isabel Soares, becoming a part of the portfolio of Dieter Bohlen voices . The artist is charming, super nice and is excited to be working with Luis Rodriguez, is like a dream come true for her. Martha told us that when she entered into the Mallorca Team 33 study and listened the music from the single she was going to record, wept with emotion. She says it is a surprising study.
She also recorded a cover of the song "Backseat of your Cadillac" of CCCatch with a French producer, but finally it was not published.

Apparently it’s already confirmed the release of the first single, and has a date for recording the video clip, but no specific date yet to see the Cd in stores. The music world is complicated lately and have to walk little by little. In fact, in principle she will work with singles and, if successful, will think of recording an album. I hope that you support the girl all you can and you spread the news that Luis is back in the limelight. In my opinion, this girl can fill the gap all we have in the market since Modern Talking and CCCatch have stopped publishing records. I'm sure she will succeed.

By the moment we do not know the country or countries issued the single, and is still being studied. Surely their objective is central Europe, where this style of music is more successful, but that will not be a problem because now the CDs can be easily purchased online from anywhere in the world.

She certainly has the makings for success. Apart from a great voice, is a charm. She agreed to answer all our questions, we signed autographs, took pictures with each and every one of us and showed again and again thanks for the interest that we show. We wish her all the luck in the world.


Thomas Anders has recorded a duet with the ukainian singer Kamaliya. Its title is "No Ordinary Love" and it has been  presented at the Yuna Awards of Ukraine, on February 8. It is rumored that the song may go on sale as a single, but for now, it´s not official. You can hear the issue and view the presentation by clicking on these links:


Dieter Bohlen is again leading the new edition of DSDS, which is already being issued in that country.


We recently learned of the existence of the maxi single of Modern Talking "Locomotion Tango" which includes the extended version of the song (LONG VERSION BASS), produced by Luis Rodriguez and Dieter Bohlen in 1988. Apparently, I was ready for printing and publication, when Modern Talking announced their separation, which led to the cancellation. But a few copies of this record, created to promote, filtered. We just got an edition of the CD maxi and is amazing to hear an original 80s extended version of Modern Talking in 2012, 24 years after its recording and 8 years after the duo broke up finally! !.

The new CD of the winner of "Das Supertalent" entered at top 2 in Germany, 3 in Austria and 5 in Switzerland.


February 7. 2011: 58 years
Germany have posted lists of best selling records in 2011 in this country. In the singles we find Pietro Lombardi with "Call my name" at number 5, the duo of Peter and Sarah Engels, "I miss you", 77, and Sarah Engels with his version of "Call my name ", put up for sale on the Internet only to download, at 92. Among the most requested albums, is Andrea Berg with 2 titles, "Abenteuer" at top 11, and his previous album, "Schwerelos" at 15. Pietro Lombardi stands at 19 with "Jackpot" and Sarah Engels "Heartbeat" at top 95.
Leo Red has already released his new CD, the winner of "Das Supertalent". It is produced by Dieter Bohlen, but not compound, and its title is "Spirit of the Hawk". This is a completely instrumental work with an attractive result.
1. Silent Rain (Part 1) 1:25
2. Winnetou 3:41
3. White Arrows 5:18
4. In Aranjuez with your love 4:43
5. The condor passes 3:36
6. Der letzte Mohikaner 4:08
7. Der mit dem Wolf tanzt 4:02
8. Der Hirte einsame 3:58
9. The Rose 3:50
10. There Is A Place 5:59
11. Matsuri 4:31
12. Silent Rain (Part 2) 3:52
C.C.Catch has published in Germany a fabulous set consisting of 5 CDs that include all albums, maxis and instrumentals created by Dieter Bohlen for the artist in the 80's, including the famous "The Decade Remixes". Its title is "25th anniversary Box".
Dieter Bohlen produced the new album by Das Supertalent winner, Leo Rojas. The album is a collection of classic songs, adapted to the Andean musical style.
The winner was Leo Rojas, from Ecuador, dressed in typical costume and playing Andean melodies with an instrument called a prowler. The boy has pocketed 100,000 euros. Mark Ashley was declared the best Modern Talking coverer of the world, according to the program.

Dieter Bohlen produces the new record for te winner of the last edition of DSDS. The title of the album, which went on sale the day on December 2, is "Pietro Style". It has also posted a first single under the name "Goin 'to LA". The CD entered directly to 17 in Germany, 30 in Austria and 66 in Switzerland.
01. Goin 'To L.A. 3:08
02. It's Christmas Time
01. Goin 'To L.A.
02. Baby Feel My Body Rock
03. It Cuts Like A Knife
04. When Your Heart Is Missing A Beat
05. Come Back And Stay With Me
06. Hey Girl!
07. Tonight Could Be The Night
08. I Was So Blind
09. Can not Stand The Pain
10. I Promised My Heart To You
11. I'll Never Give Up
12. It's Christmas Time
Dieter Bohlen is the new face of the German firm of clothing "Camp David". The advertising campaign has been very important and widespread on Germany.
Incredible: Mark Ashley participates in the german contest DAS SuperTalent, where Dieter Bohlen's jury. When the singer performed in front of Dieter, whom is a fan of for years, could not hold back in demonstrating how important it was for him to be there, creating a strange and funny situation. Mark participated in the semifinals, where he performed an impressive new version of "You're my heart, you're my soul" that captivated the public. And the boy has gone to the final!

Thomas Anders has already released their new calendar that can be had for 19.90 euros on its website.
Thomas Anders announced that the feast of his fan club, with concert included, will be on March 17 and again in Koblenz, but changed the place because it is expected more assistance from fans, as Uwe Fahrenkrog also will be present. The place is called Rhein-Mosel-Halle.

The ex-wife of Thomas Anders, Nora, famous in the 80's and hated by many for its likely impact on the end of Modern Talking, has sued Thomas Anders for his statements about her in his biography "100% Anders". Nora, aged, thin and looking not walk very good health, has walked through all the German television and the juzgados.
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