-Smokie & Chris Normn







1.Blue intro

2.Somethings been making me blue

3.Lay back in the arms of someone

4.Back to you


6.Boulevard of broken dreams

7.Medley: It`s your life - Take good care of my baby - Mexican girl - A few dollars more

8.Wild angels

9.If you think you know how to love me

10.Changing all the time

11.Home is anywhere you are

12.Baby it`s you

13.Don`t give me thet

14.Don`t play your rock n roll to me

15.I`ll meet you at midnight

16.Oh Carol

17.Needles & pins

18.Have you ever seen the rain

19.Living next door to

20.Blue Outro
DVD CHRIS NORMAN The best tv performances


  1. Baby I miss you (Live Golden Hits)

  2. Midnight Lady (Video) (Dieter Bohlen)

  3. Only you (Live MDR)

  4. Amazing (Live ZDF)

  5. Drift away (Live SWR3 Ring Frei)

  6. Without your love (Live NDR)

  7. Too much (Live Chart Show)

  8. Breathless (Performance)

  9. I want to break free (Live Queen Die Show)

  10. Heart & Soul (Live MDR)

  11. Happy X-mas (Live RTL)

  12. All day all night (Live MDR)

  13. Head over heels in love (Live RTL)

  14. I´ll meet you at midnight (Live NDR)

  15. Lay back in the arms of someone (Live Sat 1)

  16. Too much (Performance)

  17. Breathless (Live NDR)

  18. Wild wild angel (Performance) (Dieter Bohlen)

  19. Imagine (Live MDR)

  20. Midnight Lady (Live Peter´s Pop Show) (Dieter Bohlen)

  21. No arms can ever hold you (Live Hitparade 3sat) (Dieter Bohlen)

  22. Song Kids


23. Stumblin´ in (Duett with russian girl) (Russia TV)

24. Some hearts are diamonds (Duett with russian girl) (Russia TV) (Dieter Bohlen)

25. Stumblin´ in (Duett with different russian girl) (Russia TV)

DVD CHRIS NORMAN Live in Berlin 2007

01. Hello Baby
02. Love Not War
03. Meet You At Midnight
04. Lay Back In The Arms Of Someone
05. Lay Me Down
06. Stranger
07. Goodbye Lady Blue
08. Dangerous Heart
09. Lost In Flight
10. Sleep Alone Tonight
11. If You Think You Know How To Love Me
12. Baby ItS You
13. Mexican Girl
14. Living Next Door To Alice
15. Million Miles To Nowhere
16. Catch Your Dream
17. The First Cut Is The Deepest
18. Things We Said Today
19. The Boxer
20. DonT Play Your RockNRoll To Me
21. All Day, All Night
22. The night has turned cold
23. Midnight lady (Dieter Bohlen)
Baby i call your name
25. All Shook Up



DVD 1:
01 Sweet Surrender
02 Breathless
03 Mexican Girl
04 Don't You Cry
05 The Night Has Turned Cold
06 It's Your Life
07 If You Think You Know How To Love Me
08 World War 3 Blues (Bob Dylan-Cover)
09 Don't Think Twice
10 Drift Away
11 Living Next Door To Alice
12 Red Hot Screamint Love
13 If I Fell (Beatles Cover)
14 Growing Years Medley:
-Can't Do That
-Twist & Shout
15 Needles And Pins
16 Still In Love With You
17 It's Alright
18 Oh Carol
19 If I Get Lucky
DVD 2:
Bonus DVD - "Live In Vienna"
01 Break Away
02 I'll Meet You At Midnight
03 Lay Back In The Arms Of Someone
04 Stumblin' In
05 Without Your Love
06 If You Think You Know How To Love Me
07 Living Next Door To Alice
08 Too Much (And Not Enough)
09 Big Chance Medley
- Midnight Hour
- Summer Of '69
- My Sharona
- With A Little Help From My Friends
10 Don't Play Your Rock 'n' Roll To Me
11 Midnight Lady (Dieter Bohlen)
12 Rock & Roll



  1. Some hearts are diamonds (Video) (Dieter Bohlen)
  2. No arms can ever hold you (Live NRW) (Dieter Bohlen)
  3. Midnight Lady (Live MDR) (Dieter Bohlen)
  4. It´s a tragedy (Live Peter´s Porp Show)
  5. Sarah (Performance)
  6. Broken Heroes (Performance) (Dieter Bohlen)
  7. Hearts livin´ on emotion (Performance)
  8. Back again (Performance)
  9. Break the ice (Performance)
  10. Stay with me tonight (Live RTL)
  11. If you need my love tonight (Live ZDF)
  12. I need your love (Live Paradies with Suzi Quatro)
  13. Goodbye Lady Blue (Performance)
  14. Red hot screaming love (Live ZDF)
  15. Jealous heart (Performance)
  16. Stupid girl (Live ZDF)
  17. As good as it gets (Live ZDF)
  18. Obsession (Live ZDF)
  19. Don´t fence me in (Performance)
  20. Into the night (Live ZDF)
  21. Baby I miss you (Live ZDF)
  22. Runnin´ scared (Live Golden Hits)
  23. For you (Live 3 sat)
  24. When the Indians cry (Performance)
  25. Heartaches (Performance)
  26. Ich mache meine augen zu (Live MDR with Nino de Angelo)
  27. Stumblin´ in (Live Golden Hits with Suzi Quatro)

DVD Smokie TV Show 1979 Australia (with Chris Norman)

1-TV Show with Smokie 5th may 1979 Australia (Countdown): performance, interview, introducing other artists performances from the 70s…

2-Ring Frei

3-Interview Handmade

4-If you think…live 1976
5-Jet lagged (Bananas)
6-Leute Heute (ZDF)


2.If you think you know how to love me
3.Don´t play your rock´n´roll
5.Take me in
6.What can I do
7.Wild wild angels
8.Goin´ tomorrow
10.Little Lucy
11.I´ll meet you at midnight
12.Goin´ Home
RUND, SEPTEMBER 18th, 1976
14.Don´t play your rock´n´roll to me
15.Wild wild angels
17.Living next door to Alice
18.Needles and pins
20.Living next door to Alice
21.Lay back in the arms of someone
22.It´s your life
23.Going home

DVD Smokie / Chris Norman Live at Bratislavská Lyra 1983


1. Live concert:
-I'll meet You At Midnight
-Think Of Me
-Wild Wild Angels
-Oh Carol
-Don't Play Your rock'n'Roll To Me
-Needles And Pins

2. Dokumentation

3. Bonus:
+Smokie - Needles And Pins (Szene 77)
+Interview Chris Norman
+Chris Norman - Too Much (MChart Show)
+Chris Norman Unplugged (Audio). Break away
- I´ll meet you at midnight - Lay back in the arms
of someone - Without your love - If you think you
know to love me - Bob Dylan song - Drift away -
Living next door to Alice - Don´t play your rock´n´roll
to me - Midnight lady.

DVD Smokie Greatest hits 1975-1979 with Chris Norman & Suzi Quatro


01. Living Next Door To Alice
02. Needles And Pins
03. Don't Play Your Rock'n'Roll To Me
04. If You Think You Know How To Love Me
05. Do To Me
06. Mexican Girl
07. Run To Me
08. Oh Carol
09. I'll Meet You at Midnight
10. Living Next Door to Alice (from "Musikladen")
11. Lay Back in the Arms of Someone
12. It's your Life
13. Needles and Pins (from "Musikladen")


14. Stumblin' In (duet with Suzi Quatro 1978)
15. Runnin' Scared (live from "Onyx TV" 1993)
16. Baby I Miss You (live from "Onyx TV" 1993)
17. Broken Heroes (videoclip)
18. Midnight Lady (videoclip)

19. What Can I Do
20. Wild Wild Angels
21. Take Me In
22. Goin´ tomorrow

DVD Smokie in Disco 1975-1980 with Chris Norman & Suzi Quatro

1. If You Think You Know How To Love Me
2. Don't Play Your Rock 'n' Roll To Me
3. Wild, Wild Angels
4. Living Next Door To Alice
5. Lay Back In The Arms Of Someone
6. It's Your Life
7. For A Few Dollars More
8. Mexican Girl
9. Babe, It's Up To You
10. San Francisco Bay
11. Living Next Door To Alice
(Plattenküche, 24.01.1977)
12. Needles And Pins
(Top Of The Pops, 1977)
13. Stumblin' In (Chris Norman & Suzi Quatro)
(Disco, 27.11.1978)
14. I Need Your Love (Chris Norman & Suzi Quatro)
(Hitparade, 22.10.1992)


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